Jamon Coulter 

is the owner/founder of Platform Ready LLC and is the head coach and active member of the P.R. team.  Jay attended the University of Tennessee-Knoxville for Kinesiology while simultaneously attending the International Sports Science Association's College of Exercise Science where he earned 6 certifications, 2 honorary titles, and a degree in Exercise Science.  

Jay is an active member of the United States Powerlifting Association as a competitor and coach.  As a coach, he has worked with multiple high school athletes that have went on to play Division's 1  sports ranging from soccer, basketball, football, and volleyball.  In powerlifting, he has worked with lifters that have broke multiple state, american, and world records.

Currently, Jay works closely with a wide variety of athletes and general population clients, ranging in ages as young as 9 to 60+, that are post-rehab, post or currently in physical therapy, and strength and conditioning for sport specific training along with a handful of general fitness clients.

Recent Points of Note

Established 5 drug tested State Records for Men's 242 in USPA and Qualified for IPL Drug-Tested World's November 2017.

Coached athletes that have broke over 30 state, American, and World Records in the USPA.

To date: 5 athletes to go to IPL World's 2017, including defending 90+kg  Jr's World Champion Quessandra Catlett.

Oversaw strength programming for U-17 Crossfire soccer team that won the San Diego Surf Cup.  Two of the 11 athletes selected for the U-17 National Soccer Team. Four of those 11 have committed to D-1 soccer programs to date.




Contributor's to Platform Ready

Kailan Kalina

Kailan is a contributing writer for PlatformReady.com and a competitive powerlifter. She holds a degree in Journalism & Communications from the University of Oregon and graduated in 2014. She competed in her first powerlifting competition in January 2017, placing 4th in the 72kg weight class at 65kg. Growing up, Kailan played competitive basketball for 11 years with the Redmond High School Select program and various AAU spring/summer teams. She played on varsity at Redmond High throughout her high school career.  


Since graduating college, Kailan obtained her Personal Training certification from NESTA and NASM Fitness Nutrition certification as well. She has trained clients in a gym setting with clients pursuing weight loss, strength, and/or building muscle. In the strength and conditioning realm, Kailan coached youth athletes (ages 9-14), helping improve their strength, agility, speed, and stability in addition to their sports. Her experience with online coaching includes working with individuals new to strength training or guiding them through to their first powerlifting meet. She particularly enjoys working with the female population and educating them on the benefits of lifting heavy weights and eating properly for your goals and overall long-term health. Kailan is actively accepting general fitness/strength and nutrition clients.