Platform Ready launched in 2015 as the powerlifting specific branch of training       at Way of Living Fitness (W.O.L.F.) Gym in Renton, WA by Jay Coulter as a side passion project.  Flash forward to present day...

Platform Ready has evolved into more than just being an outlet for powerlifting coaching.  Still a passion project, but now very much in the forefront to create an outlet to bring lifters together from various locales and backgrounds to share the platform together.                   

The latter half of 2017 saw the launch of Platform Ready's "sponsorship" program with the co-sponsoring  of U.S.P.A. Powerlifting , of I.P.L. Drug Tested World's (along with numerous other fantastic companies) in Atlanta, GA and with a few of our first sponsored athletes.  

2018 we'll strive to expand to sponsor more meets, athletes, and create the best possible experience for lifters.