Jay at 2017 I.P.L. Drug-Tested World's 

                                                                    Jay at 2017 I.P.L. Drug-Tested World's 




Jay is the owner/founder of Platform Ready LLC and is the head coach and active member of the P.R. team.  Jay attended the University of Tennessee for Kinesiology while simultaneously attending the International Sports Science Association's College of Exercise Science where he earned 6 certifications and 2 honorary titles (Elite & Master Trainer).  

Jay is an active member of the United States Powerlifting Association as a competitor, coach, state referee, and sponsor. Coaching powerlifting, he has worked with lifters that have broke multiple state, american, and world records.  As a strength & conditioning coach, he has worked with multiple high school athletes that have went on to play Division 1  sports ranging from soccer, basketball, football, and volleyball.  

Currently, Jay works closely with a wide variety of athletes and general population clients, ranging in ages as young as 9 to 60+, that are post-rehab, post or currently in physical therapy, and strength and conditioning for sport specific training along with a handful of general fitness clients.

ISSA Master Trainer
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified Youth Personal Trainer
ISSA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
ISSA Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
ISSA Certified Specialist in Exercise Therapy
ISSA Certified Specialist in Senior Fitness

USPA Powerlifting Coach Practitioner