Whether you’re preparing for your very first meet or looking to have structure to your training, Platform Ready programming is designed to improve lifter’s squat, bench, and deadlift.



All Platform Ready coaching that is not in person is done via our team app.

In-App Instant Messenger

Video Uploads for form feedback

Nutrition and Progress metrics tracking

Video Library of movements


*All lifters that are part of the Platform Ready team become life-time members, for FREE, after 1 full calendar year for as long as they wish. No catch, no gimmick. It’s one small way of giving back to those that give to us.


Words From A Few Team Members…


"I hate your programming so much because it's so f****** hard, but each week is a weight/rep PR.  Honestly, never felt so solid moving into these strength blocks, those 14-weeks of hypertrophy kicked my a** but I have such a good base right now. The fact I'm high bar pausing my old low bar working weights for more reps is crazy. My bench has never felt better. I'm repping weight wide grip I was struggling to do for doubles with competition grip.  I'm also pulling close to my old max in deadlifts off a deficit for reps..."

— Max F.

"Jay has been an incredible source of knowledge and support along my powerlifting journey.  I first started training with him about over a year ago and cannot emphasize enough what a quality coach he is.  There are many voices in the fitness industry, however finding someone with true knowledge and experience can be challenging and often intimidating.  Those who work with Jay and Platform Ready can be sure they are in good hands." 

— Joni V.

"I’ve been seriously training with Jay since February when I told him I wanted to do a powerlifting meet and then compete in bodybuilding. He was more than supportive and gave no-nonsense training programs and advice. He not only addressed my physical training, but also prepared me mentally, dealing with everything from pre-meet jitters all the way to helping me cope with some deep personal issues. Leading up to the meet, he made sure I went in feeling confident and helped me through the entire process, from signing up, to weigh ins, to meet etiquette. I took 2nd place in my division in my first meet in June, 4 months after I started training, and now I’m beginning to train for bodybuilding, with another powerlifting meet in the process."

— Rhone G.